Hot Dog Bush Game

Hot Dog Bush Game: Where a President Becomes a Hot Dog Vendor


Games often have very absurd premises, barring of course the more serious takes on deep themes. That aside, there are more than a few titles that don’t really have coherence, but remain a blast to play anyway. This is the whole premise of the Hot Dog Bush game, as it introduces former President Bush to the world of hotdog sales. Of course, the game won’t tell you about why President Bush is selling hotdogs, because that is the point of preposterous humor. Subtracting that idea however, the game underneath is a fun, but very casual romp through the life of a virtual hot dog salesman. While it won’t break any records or provide hours of philosophical talk, it is still a great game that fritters away the free minutes you have to spare.

Simple Point and Click Fun

One thing that makes this game so easy to pick up is that it’s essentially a point and clicker. If you ever tried playing old adventure games on the PC, then you will have some idea as to how this game would play like. There are objects in front of you, and clicking on them would enable your use of them. This is not to say that there is a whole world to explore in this title, and as was mentioned above, it is just about you selling as much hotdogs as you can. The essence of point and click games is that you won’t need to use the whole keyboard to enjoy the game. Since that is the case, the game is easy to figure out from the get go, and even though there is a short tutorial, no one would really need it. Of course, there are other stipulations that make the game even more challenging.


What is the Challenge in Hot Dog Bush?

In other cooking games, the challenge differs but often floats around the more easy levels. This is so that the game won’t become intimidating to anyone who wants to try and pick up a title. In Hot Dog Bush, the challenge is fairly similar, but over time, ramps slowly towards harder levels. The main premise reflects the ones that real hotdog vendors might face. There is time to consider, a monetary aim by the end of each day, angry and impatient customers, and finally, the cooking itself. You see, if you leave the hotdogs on the grill for too long, they will burn, which will then be thrown out. On top of that, you also have to wait a specific time for them to cook; otherwise you won’t be able to move them to the buns. You are only allowed three dogs at any one time, and at the same time three buns. As an extra dimension, you will also have to cater to the replica patek philippe customers, whom might range from 1-5 people standing in front of your stall. All the while you will have to think about the time limit to reach your cash goal.


Overall, the game allows you enough time and if you are fast enough with the mouse reflexes, you’ll be able to do fine with each session. If you have the time, search up the game on your desktop, you won’t be disappointed.