George Bush hot dog game

If it was one thing that the former president Bush was never known for, it was hotdogs. While he was one of the most patriotic of the presidents, he was not one to pegged as a man who would sell stuff at a vendor stall. Thus the premise of the George Bush Hotdog game becomes more evident. However, before anyone gets up on their high horses, keep in mind that it’s just a game, and it really doesn’t have that much to say in the way of political stances. There is no reading between the lines or deeper thought to the it, instead, the title is just highly concentrated on bringing a fairly fun experience to anyone who wants to try it.


The Gameplay of Hot Dog Bush

One of the most integral parts to making a great game is to hook people with a premise, but to reel them in through great gameplay. Hot Dog Bush, is not the greatest game ever made but so are a lot of other games. Instead, this title is focused on creating a fun experience with as little as effort as possible. If you’ve ever tried the addictive gameplay of stuff like Bejeweled and Farmville, then you would know what sort of gameplay Hot Dog Bush offers. It’s simple to pick up play, but the better aspect is that it doesn’t grow complicated over time. The mechanics are all centered around making the fastest hotdog for every patron that pops their head in front of your stall. The mechanics never get mucked up and there is a basic strategy to cooking. Basically, it’s all about rhythm and perfecting the motions needed on your cart while you make hotdog sales.


How the Game Works

Hot Dog Bush plays a lot like some of the first browser based games that came out during the early days of flash. The controls are simple and all the movement you need will be based off of your mouse. You see, it’s a lot like the old point and click adventures back in the day but instead of adventuring, you live a day (which is more like minutes) in the life of Bush the Hot Dog Vendor. You have your grill to cook hotdogs on, the buns, and condiments to make the set complete. Of course the game wouldn’t be challenging if there weren’t some impositions, and here in this game, there is both a time limit, a limit to how many hot dogs you can cook, a limit on buns, and the main aim of how much you should earn per session. On top of that, the person to hotdog ratio is off, being that 5 people can stand at your replica rolex stall at any one time while only three hotdogs can be prepared on the fly.


Together, these hard up elements make the game much more entertaining to get through, and at times, you might feel overwhelmed while you fight the time limit, as well as the impatience of your customers. In the end though, these elements are what makes the George Bush Hot Dog game more fun.