Hot Dog Bush 2

Hot Dog Bush 2: A Funny Little Game about the Former POTUS

The fun thing about the Internet is that there have been countless parodies and ideas that always delve into funny satire. Hot Dog Bush 2 is a lot like the games that are centered around making fun of prominent people, only that it takes aim at the former President of the United States (POTUS). There isn’t much thought put into it, however, and the game plays a lot like other cooking games online. The charm is still intact, and it is funny to see how fast you could handle each order. Of course there are other reasons why this game is so fun.

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Hot Dog Bush: The Casual Game

Recently, casual gaming has received more than its fair share of flak from the more experienced gamers. Many would see this as normal, because casual games aren’t always made of sterner stuff, but that doesn’t subtract from the fact that they are very good as burst games. You don’t go to casual games expecting a deep and engrossing experience, you go to them because they offer enough fun to keep you entertained for ten minutes or so. Hot Dog Bush captures the essence of this form of gameplay, and offers simplistic click and drag control scheme.


The whole premise of this game is to feed the hungry denizens of the city with hotdogs. While this seems pretty straight forward, you are actually quite limited to the number of people you can feed with each turn. This makes the game slightly strategic in that you won’t be able to feed everyone one at once. Most of all, if you miss one or two people during the wave, you will end up losing time and money.

The game is fairly straight forward at each wave you are assigned a value to reach. Usually, as the difficulty ramps up, the amount increases higher to the point where you have to start planning. The mechanics of cooking is also quite indicative of how you should plan the meals out. There can only be 3 hotdogs and three buns on the counter at all times. However, the stall can handle a maximum of 5 customers, and that means there will be some that will wait for their dogs to be cooked. Additionally, hot dogs aren’t ready right off the bat, and usually it takes a few seconds for them to cook up. If you leave them out for too long, they begin to burn, prompting you to set another batch. These are all very time consuming, so in order to make it a little harder, you also have to get to your aim within a time limit.

Hot Dog Bush

Those elements really Hot Dog Bush 2 much more strategic and while it isn’t as deep as moving all your troops to strategic locations, that extra dimension makes the game a little more challenging than most. Overall, this game is simple, but at the same time it needs you to use a bit of your brainpower to get things done properly. The game is mostly browser based, so during those down times, you can have a bit of a burst every time you start a wave up. Hot Dog Bush, while not being the best of its genre, is still worthy of a look so make sure to play it sometime.